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eTradePay (aka. ETP, www.etradepay.com) is an e-commerce solution especially designed and developed to enable transactions and payments for import and export businesses. Unlike most existing B2B payment platforms and tools, eTradePay integrates the information on cash flow, legal declarations, logistics, and purchasing orders by consolidating data and information from banks, Customs, warehouses (warehouse management system), and e-commerce trading platforms using APIs, presenting an innovative and brand new transaction and payment system for international trade. 
The rules/parameters of the system include:

1. Delivery of cargo/property subject to availability of payment data from bank in real-time;

2. Settlement of exchange (to/from China) subject to availability of data on Customs clearance.

Subject to the conditions specified above, eTradePay realizes the online function of settlement of exchange and remittance (to/from China) and provides a safe and convenient environment with higher efficiency of transaction and lower cost for all import and export businesses.

For any suggestions or questions to eTradePay, please email: etradepayservice@globex.cn